Halal Food

Freshly Prepared, Packaged & Delivered Halal Meat.

Fresh, Organic Halal Food 

Organic food is produced in an environment and animal friendly settings. Our halal meat comes from strictly regulated farms under Islamic jurisdictions and slaughtered properly according to Shariah Law. All products in our inventory are naturally prepared without the use of artificial fertilizers. This increase the health potential of our food items that can be used with absolute confidence since there is no health risk.

We deal in halal meat only (no pigs, etc.) and meet all the standards that make it halal from their natural breeding to slaughter as defined in Islam. We deliver orders in reliable packaging – tightly sealed containers that reduces the chances of any leak or spill. We make sure that packed items should reach you in good condition and without any contamination.

What is Halal Meat?
Meat from animals that are permitted to eat in Islam and are slaughtered as per Islamic laws. Call it Halal Meat or Halal Poultry, both can be consumed when an animal’s breeding, slaughtering and processing is all done hygienically and following the guidelines of Shariah Law. These animals include, but not limited to cows, chicken, sheep, duck, goat, and turkey, etc.

We Sell Halal Meat– Guaranteed
At ZamZam, all of our poultry products are sourced locally from the registered farms and halal abattoirs. Our all products are organically produced and prepared. Poultry is best managed by following all the Islamic rulings as well as health and safety parameters such as refrigeration at 4 degrees or lower.
We pride ourself in providing only the finest quality, halal items in best packaging possible so that your ordered products will reach you in the best condition.