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Terms of Use

Welcome to ZamZam!

It is highly advisable to thoroughly read and understand the following “Terms and conditions” and you must acknowledge the terms of use as you access and use the website because you are bound by the same. By not agreeing to our terms, you will not be able to completely utilize the products and services provided through this site.

1.       The Terms of Use mentioned here in this document is considered a formal agreement between us (ZamZam website) and you (site visitors/users). As soon as you visit us, you will be automatically consenting to all the clauses outlined under our terms and conditions of using our products and services.

2.       We reserve the right to control the user access and his use of the website services. For instance, if a user doesn’t not accept cookies, we may limit his use of the website.

3.       You need to register with us for placing an order. For this, you must provide accurate personal details.  

4.       You should not share incomplete, inaccurate or fraudulent details or details of any other person. In any instance of incorrect information or fake order, you will be held liable for a legal penalty.

5.       Any unusual activity recorded from your account, you will be held liable for the same and your ZamZam account access will be denied immediately.

6.       We may block you from using the website. If, however, that’s not you and somebody else tried to misuse your ZamZam account, then you should instantly inform us at info@ourzamzam.com or call us at +44 706 601887.

7.       We strongly recommend to ZamZam users that they shouldn’t share their personal information and account details with any other person, under any circumstances.  

8.       You must be 18+ for using ZamZam and in case we find you are younger than this, your account will be automatically deactivated.  

9.       Any of your personally identifiable information you share with us through registration or contact forms, etc., will become the property of ZamZam and we hold all the right to use this data in accordance with the state laws.  

10.   We normally use this information to send newsletters, promotional emails, company updates or in case of any addition made to the ZamZam website.   

11.   We reserve the right to take any legal action against any user if found destroying or disparaging ZamZam’s reputation by any means.

12.   We may cancel your order any time as soon as a discrepancy is reported. Our customer representative will contact you for further information to remove the ambiguity. You must provide the required information upon this confirmation call from ZamZam’s Customer Service department.

13.   We believe in providing as accurate information as possible about the products available on our website.  However, if you find any inaccuracy or mispricing on any item, you are advised to immediately contact our Customer Service department.

14.   We, at our sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse delivery or cancel the order that’s unconfirmed on the buyer’s behalf.

15.   We don’t entertain any changes made to your order at the eleventh hour, when the order is ready to be delivered.

16.   You must receive your order within the prescribed time period.  

17.   We may change or update these Terms of Use or may also terminate any clause of our terms and conditions without any prior notice

For queries and feedback, contact us at info@ourzamzam.com or call at +44 706 601887

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